United Potato Growers of America is a federated farmer cooperative focusing on
improving grower sustainability through better understanding potato supply and demand.

Contact your Local Cooperative for membership information (click here for list).

In addition to benefits specific to local membership,
United provides access to a wide variety of information at the national level.

National Member Benefits include the '3 Cs', Collecting Data, Communication, and Collaboration.


Shipping Forecast, UPGA's Database - More info

Local and National Weekly Shipments (historical and forecast) - More info

Weekly Price Report - More info

Weekly Truck Rate Report - More info

Weekly Retail Ad Report - More info

Annual Seed Acreage Report - More info


Members-Only Website

Semi-Weekly Text Messages with Market Updates

Weekly and Quarterly Podcasts (featuring Russet, Red, and Yellow Potatoes)

Monthly and Quarterly Newsletters

Seasonal Seed Newsletter


Weekly Conference Calls (Russet on Tuesdays and All-Color on Wednesdays)

Monthly Supply & Demand Committee Meetings - More info

Crop Transition Conference (June) - More info

Potato Business Summit (January) - More info

Regional Member Meetings (organized by local cooperatives)

United Potato Partners Program (AMVAC, VIVE, and local partners/sponsors) - More info

Contact your Local Cooperative Administrator (click here for list)

or the National Office at 801-266-5050 - info@UnitedPotatoUSA.com

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