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Working Together Through the Crisis

United Potato Growers Focus on Feeding the Nation

During these unsettling times and amid the fast-moving and ever-changing environment that we now find ourselves facing, United Potato Growers of America is working with our membership to apply rational thinking, keep markets as stable as possible, manage our supplies, and keep the long-term outcomes in focus. The potato industry along with every producer in the food supply chain, are in effect this country’s “first responders” to keeping our nation securely fed. Farm operations, warehouses, packing sheds, and marketing organizations are taking steps to train and educate their labor force in the importance of their role in supplying an anxious country with food. There are many questions and many layers to this national concern, but we are working to ensure that fear, hysteria, and chaos do not spread within our potato industry. We thank all of you for your support in these endeavors, and for keeping America fed!

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